Tend Skin Liquid

Tend Skin Liquid

Tend Skin
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Size 4 oz.
Recommended for Ingrown Hair
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For men and women, this revolutionary product that improves the appearance of razor rashes and bumps, clearing up/preventing ingrown hairs, whether from shaving, waxing, or electrolysis. For women it's fantastic on bikini lines, underarms, legs and faces. For men, use it on the face, back of head and neck. A mild, exfoliating solution to prevent redness and rashes (not suitable for people allergic to aspirin).


For Men: For those with "razor bumps" (PFB), Apply Tend Skin twice per day at first. Apply at night before sleep and again in the morning after shaving. Once the skin clears (usually in 48 hours), you should apply daily to maintain clear skin.We strongly advise using a fresh sharp razor, be it single or double edge, and replacing it after one or two shaves. Clippers can be used, however you will not get as smooth a shave. Applying before shaving will decrease the burning and itching associated with PFB. You will find your own pattern of use. To avoid eye irritation, do not "splash" on to face! We recommend a cotton ball. For men who have unsightly razor burn on their necks, or redness from wearing a tie, applying Tend Skin after shaving should clear the skin, usually in a matter of hours. Daily use will prevent the problem.

For Women: Applying Tend Skin to existing ingrown hairs will clear many of them in 24 to 48 hours. Tweezing is not needed or advised as resulting skin damage can increase the formation of ingrown hairs.

4 oz.
Recommended for:
Ingrown Hair
Isopropyl Alcohol, Water(Reverse Osmosis), Propylene Glycol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Glycerin.