Dermaflash Luxe The Essentials Replenishment Kit

Dermaflash Luxe The Essentials Replenishment Kit

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Recommended for All Skin Types
Application Area Face

A replenishment kit for use with the Dermaflash 2.0 Facial Exfoliating Device, which unveils smoother, more luminous, and younger-looking skin.

PREFLASH Cleanser: Created to de-fat the skin and remove all traces of oil and residual product. This specially formulated cleanser leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and creates the ultimate surface for the DERMAFLASH treatment.

FLASH: Edges are designed for single use only. For safety, efficacy and hygiene, insert a clean, fresh Edge prior to each treatment. (qty 4)

POSTFLASH Moisturizer: Hydrates and balances after treatment.


For best results always begin with PREFLASH and massage POSTFLASH onto face to hydrate and balance after treatment.

Recommended for:
All Skin Types
Application Area: