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  • Spend A Little Time On Self-Care

    17th Dec 2020

    Spend A Little Time On Self-Care

    So we can all agree this has been the year with almost every emotion. Sometimes all in the same day…

    Published by Amber, Spa Manager at Skin Dimensions Day Spa in Peoria

  • Skincare Behind the Mask

    13th Jul 2020

    Skincare Behind the Mask

    I’ve always been taught that as life changes so should your skincare. I’ve been able to find a few…

    Published by Kelly Grosenbach, Director of Sales

  • Summer Skin Roundup

    2nd Jun 2020

    Summer Skin Roundup

    Summer is just around the corner! Although I can’t wait for long days, grilling out, and pool excur…

    Published by Kim Johnson, Skin Care Obsessed Designer and Pale Person

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