Skin Dimensions Complexion Enhancement Cream

Skin Dimensions Complexion Enhancement Cream

Skin Dimensions
Height 6.00
Width 9.00
Depth 3.00
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Size 2.5 oz
Key Ingredients Glycerin, Arbutin
Recommended For Photodamage, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation
Application Area Face
Subscription Interval

Brightens the appearance of your complexion by combining botanical skin brighteners and antioxidants to reduce reds, yellows, purples, and browns. The light emollient formulation leaves the skin looking instantly hydrated without being heavy. Specially formulated with mica to reflect light and give an instant radiance to the skin.

  • No Retinol of hydroquinone
  • Botanical Extract Blend


Results seen within a few weeks of twice daily application, must build up within the skin to see full results after 12 weeks. Pair with SPF to prevent further discoloration/damage to reveal optimal brightening benefits.

2.5 oz
Key Ingredients:
Glycerin, Arbutin
Recommended For:
Photodamage, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation
Application Area: