3 reasons to add Vitamin C to your skin care regimen

3 reasons to add Vitamin C to your skin care regimen

Published by Skin Dimensions Online on 4th Feb 2015

Your kitchen may already be stocked with plenty of oranges and Emergen-C this time of year, but we want to make sure your medicine cabinet doesn’t miss out on the action. Vitamin C is commonly known for strengthening the immune system and fighting the common cold, but it works wonders for what’s going on externally, too. Here are three reasons why Vitamin C deserves the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Skin Care Icon.

1. Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen makes up 75% of all proteins in the skin. We talk about it in the skincare world because it strengthens the skin, contributing to firmness and form. As we age, collagen breaks down and we see the dreaded result: wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital to the production of collagen’s complex structure, so nurturing skin by applying topical vitamin C can slow this process, keeping skin looking youthful longer.

2. Neutralizes Damaging Free Radicals

Age spots are really just damage from overexposure to the sun and environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to totally avoid these dangers, but vitamin C’s powerful antioxidants come to the rescue. Free radicals are unstable molecules that seep into our skin from overexposure to certain elements and disrupt healthy cells as they seek to stabilize themselves. Vitamin C aids in neutralizing free radicals, reversing cell damage that leads to discoloration. That’s the vitamin C we know and love—fighting off the bad stuff to keep us bright and cheery.

3. Provides Extra UV Protection

Research has found that applying a vitamin C serum before sunscreen use improves protection when compared to the sunscreen alone. It isn’t surprising given vitamin C’s antioxidant superpowers that it would be able to reduce the amount of cells burned by the sun. This extra protection has long-term effects from keeping the skin bright to keeping age spots and skin cancer at bay.

Even if you’re getting your daily dose of vitamin C, the most effective way to reap its anti-aging benefits is to apply it directly to the skin. That’s why we’ve created a three-in-one formula designed to support healthy collagen production, help brighten the complexion, and fight unwanted free radicals. This oil free and hypoallergenic treatment will leave your skin looking fresher, firmer, and younger.

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