April Showers...

Published by Skin Dimensions Online on 20th Apr 2015

Nothing says spring like the fresh smell of rain in April. Just as the budding plants relish in springtime showers, we want to help you find bliss in your shower routine.

First things first: Avoid overly hot water. Think April showers not August showers. We’ve spent months either immersed in winter’s elements or waiting it out in dry, indoor heating. The result from both fronts? Chapped and irritated skin that is begging for a break.

While long, hot showers and baths uplift our spirits, they take a toll on our skin, stripping it of protective oils needed to hold in moisture. The cooler you can keep your water, the better. Prep your skin for its summer debut with our Bath Oil, designed to work with and maintain natural skin oils for an extra hydrating boost.

If you notice dry skin this spring, avoid over-exfoliating. Instead, be sure to use a creamy body wash or oil like our new Guinot Douche Creme . Exfoliating more than once or twice a week feels like a natural response to dryness but can irritate the skin even more. Creamy washes will restore moisture while maintaining your skin’s natural oils and minerals. To seal the moisture deal post-shower, apply lotion all over while your skin is still damp.

As each evening gifts us with a little more light, we crave cool grass beneath our feet, notice the smells of spring’s first blooms, and can almost feel the sweet sensation of nourished summer skin. Thank Mother Nature for her cleansing example, and feel as fresh as a May flower when you discover your perfect shower ritual this spring.