Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials

Published by Skin Dimensions Online on 12th May 2016

As summer approaches, so do days of spending hours in the sun. In the next few months, you’ll probably find yourself packing a tote for a picnic in the park or a beach vacation, a theme park adventure or a day at the zoo. Don’t forget to pack these five essentials to keep your skin and spirits happy in the mid-summer sun.

1. Wallaroo Trilogy Trilby Hat
Crafted with paper braiding and an internal drawstring, this hat is as versatile as it is stylish. Wear it on the beach, at the park, or to a backyard barbeque for extra sun protection and effortless summer style.(Available in sizes for women, men and kids).

2. Supergoop! Shine On! Lip Screen SPF 50
No need to skimp on your favorite lip color for a day in the sun, just swipe on this lip screen for a UV-protected top coat. This water-resistant clear finish allows your lip shade to shine through while offering maximum SPF.

3. Skin Dimensions + Supergoop! Beach Bum Kit
Complete with Skin Dimensions Antioxidant Scrub and Supergoop Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist, this kit is crucial for healthy summer skin. Exfoliating dead skin cells- which accumulate quickly in summer’s dry conditions- allows this all-natural sunscreen to work more deeply into the skin, giving you extreme protection.

4. 100% Cotton Turkish Peshtemal
A mix between a towel and blanket, these elegant peshtemals are perfect for a long day at the pool or a family picnic. Made with minimal amounts of cotton, these eco-friendly towels dry quickly, take up little space, and are lightweight. It’s no wonder they’re a cultural essential in traditional Turkish baths.

5. Sip n’ Go Water Bottle
Staying hydrated has never been so convenient. These lightweight, BPA-free water bottles collapse when empty, saving space in an already full beach bag. They can also be frozen to keep water as cool as possible for your day in the sun, or thrown in the beach snack bag as ice packs.