Makeup & "Masking"

Makeup & "Masking"

Published by Liz, Makeup Artist at Skin Dimensions Day Spa in Peoria on 6th Oct 2021

As a makeup artist during the pandemic, I learned a lot about the best way to wear makeup while wearing a mask. Everyone wants to look and feel their best but let’s be honest; masks make it next to impossible. Well, good news - nothing is impossible! Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way…

Face and Base

First things first primer… I love Prime Time® by bareMinerals® for my face and eyes. It’s light and creates an even canvas for all of your makeup! Priming will also give themakeup something to cling to, making the product last longer.

Next…the foundation. BareMinerals® Complexion Rescue® gives the perfect sheer to moderate coverage foundation without feeling heavy on the face. Apply to your entire face and don’t be afraid to use a little concealer to hide any small blemishes! Now it’s time to “set” your face - this is crucial to making your makeup last all day…even under a mask! BareMinerals® Mineral Veil® is my go-to. Before setting your face with powder, take a tissue or thin paper towel and place it over your face and dab the powder over the tissue with a brush or sponge. This not only sets your makeup but also will prevent your mask from wiping it away. Once you have set with powder, apply your favorite blush and bronzer.

All About the Eyes

First impressions are everything, and while wearing a mask makes that a bit more challenging, it gives you a great opportunity to make your eyes POP! Now that we’re primed and ready to go (sorry...can’t resist a good pun) let's throw on some eyeshadow. Don’t be afraid to try a swathe of color on that inner eyelid, but be sure to keep the darker shades on the outer corner! BLENDING IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! Blend from the outer corner in. Don’t forget to line those eyes! To make your eyes really sparkle, use a light colored eyeliner inside the entire water line. I love the bareMinerals® Mineralist® Eyeliner in Diamond for this technique - it makes my eyes look great and more awake on those no-coffee mornings! Next, line the eyes on the bottom of the lash line with your favorite fall shade! Be sure to only line from the outer corner into the center of the eye, as this will really make the eyes come to LIFE! Don’t forget your eyebrows! Fill them in and shape them up with bareMinerals® Brow Master™. Pencil it through the natural shape of the brows in small, hair like motions. Finally, mascara brings everything together! You're done! AND you look gorgeous!

Lips and a Face Mask? Is she for real?!

Do it! I’ll tell you how. Choose your favorite lip color. BareMinerals® Mineralist® Lipstick is extremely moisturizing, and the color palette is BEAUTIFUL. Apply it as normal. Except remember how we set our face? Grab that tissue and the bareMinerals® Mineral Veil and use that same technique on your lips now! This will keep the lipstick from rubbing off onto your facemask and lasts for hours!

One Last Thing..

Spray your face with bareMinerals® Dew Mist Setting Spray and your look will stay right where you want it ALL DAY (and night) LONG. That’s it, you’re done. Look at you…you’re stunning!