Skincare Behind the Mask

Skincare Behind the Mask

Published by Kelly Grosenbach, Director of Sales on 13th Jul 2020

I’ve always been taught that as life changes so should your skincare. I’ve been able to find a few positives about living life behind a mask, such as: never worrying if I have food in my teeth, choosing what color lipstick to wear, not rushing to find a breath mint after lunch, and being able to crawl out of bed, throw my mask on and run errands without concern of being seen. Although those are all great perks, there are many negatives when it comes to my skin.

I first starting hearing my co-workers complain about breaking out from working in their masks all day. Then I started noticing changes in my own skin and it didn’t end with just breakouts. I’ve had to make many adjustments to my normal summertime regimen due to mask related issues.

Clogged Pores

In order to combat my pores from becoming clogged, exfoliation is a must right now. Skin Brightening Polish is now my daily go to cleanser. Not only does it brighten but it is a great exfoliator and gentle enough to use every day. Packed with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and botanicals, it not only exfoliates, but brightens and refines pore size without being too aggressive.

Breakouts & Sensitivity

Daily Environment Shield has always been one of my favorite products to help protect from environment but now it’s become “my can’t live without product”. Now I’m having to shield from my own mask. I noticed I would come home from work and my face would be all red from my mask rubbing on my face all day. Not only does Daily Environmental Shield provides a barrier, but it’s packed with green tea polyphenols which combat redness and prevent breakouts thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

When I’m unable to prevent a breakout I go to my teenage son’s bathroom and grab his Benzoyl Peroxide 5%. While we think of this product for young individuals, it works wonders for adult hormonal acne and it my case acne caused from bacteria under my mask. Using this product quickly reduces the size, redness, and life of my breakouts so I can feel confident mask-free at home!

Last but not least, you must wear a clean mask. I compare masks to underwear, and you would not consider wearing the same pair of underwear for days or weeks without washing. The easiest way to stop the bacteria that is causing your breakouts is not transferring it from a dirty mask.


Probably the issue I was most surprised about was how dehydrated my skin was by the end of the day. Then I started thinking about how my paper mask was acting as a moisture wicking all of the water out of my skin. It was so dry at the end of the day that is was painful. I starting using Skin Quencher which is a hyaluronic product. Hyaluronic holds 1,000X its weight in water, making it intensely hydrating… like a glass of water for your skin! We all think of hyaluronic as something that plumps the skin and moisturizes. One of the types of hyaluronic in Skin Quencher is hydrolyzed which means it penetrates deep down to the dermis and prevents trans epidermal water loss, restoring the hydration my skin has lost throughout the day. Perfect solution!

My last step is finishing with Hydrating Night Cream. This product can be used both day and night and offer intense hydration and barrier repair;as my mask tends to disrupt my barrier, resulting in flaking, redness, and sensitivity. When working in my mask all day, I opt to not wear makeup underneath. Just one more way to prevent dirt and bacteria and help keep my mask cleaner throughout the day.

Daily Fix

One last trick in my tool bag is Mist Fix. Mist Fix is the instant “AHHH” my skin craves throughout the day, quickly adding back hydration and essential nutrients, re-awakening my complexion. We keep a bottle in the spa office and I have everyone spray it on their faces thru the day. Not only is it antimicrobial to help the spread of bacteria but it has green tea and chamomile to calm the skin, and humectants to provide hydration throughout the day. The size is perfect to keep in your purse for your all day fix!

Adaptability is probably the greatest asset to have right now. When it comes to skincare, just because you’ve always done it, doesn’t mean it’s the best option. We should always be aware of our skins changing needs and consult your skincare professional with your concerns. Not only will these tips assist with treating mask-ne (acne caused from mask wearing), it will also help to improve the increase in blemishes due to the change in humidity and sweat during the summer months. To learn more about these products or to purchase, please call 309-691-9381 or visit