Spend A Little Time On Self-Care

Spend A Little Time On Self-Care

Published by Amber, Spa Manager at Skin Dimensions Day Spa in Peoria on 17th Dec 2020

So we can all agree this has been the year with almost every emotion. Sometimes all in the same day. There is so much sadness, outrage, depression, offensiveness and just plain yuck. There is no better time than the present to spend a little extra time on self-care. I have always found when I take that time for myself, no matter how I feel on the inside, it will always change my outlook. When you look good… you feel good!

So what am I doing during this? The little extras to keep my sanity!

Get a manicure & pedicure:

It’s crazy how something like that can change your attitude. Getting a new, exciting color or maybe a little glitter will always do the trick. Those in the nail industry know these are little therapy sessions for us all. There is not judgement, just a place for us to speak our minds about whatever is bothering us these days. When you have your nails done it just feels like everything is going to be ok. We have added those little extras into our pedicures and manicures for that special touch.

It’s facial time:

OOH….nothing beats a great facial. Just to sit back, zone out, and be pampered. We never did this enough before let alone now and you deserve it after this year. My husband would kill me for saying this, but eventually he’ll get over it. He once told me “massages are great, but there is nothing better than a facial.” That being said, facials are for everyone young, old, male, female, and everyone in between. There is a perfect facial for you and whatever you need for that day. An added bonus you r skin looks and feels amazing. You only have one self so why not take care of the skin you’re in.


Now I’m a sucker for some retail therapy, but the gratification of a new skincare product and realizing a few days or a few weeks later when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror you have that “ah-ha” moment “my skin looks fantastic!” Well worth the investment with a huge return. We have come out with some fantastic new products for all things skin during COVID life.

Psst…when you stop by our spa ask about our new eye cream you won’t regret it!

So spend a little extra time on self-care by getting treated on the outside to help you feel better on the inside. You can have all the feels (only the good ones of course)!

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