Summer Skin Roundup

Summer Skin Roundup

Published by Kim Johnson, Skin Care Obsessed Designer and Pale Person on 2nd Jun 2020

Summer is just around the corner! Although I can’t wait for long days, grilling out, and pool excursions (socially safe, obviously!) when it come to my skin, I also can’t help but think about humidity, sweating, UV rays, bugs and my SUPER pale legs. But, after 8 years of working at a skin care company coupled with my own personal passion for all things skin, here is my roundup up this year for the best summer skin staples!

Skin Dimensions® MistFix - $15
I’m putting this first on the list in case you get distracted and don’t read the whole blog! This is my savior!!! I get giant bug bites that are relentless, and I always manage to miss a spot with my SPF (back of neck, random cutout, feet). This is everything. It’s super soothing. It’s cooling. It’s hydrating. It calms heat rashes. It helps with random zits from humidity and increased sweat. It’s also $15!!! GET THIS!

Guinot® Bioxygene Cleansing Foam - $39
I bounce between cleanser textures and brands, but in the summer I also want something the give you the “squeaky” clean. This is that cleanser, but because it contains fatty acids, it doesn’t ever make my skin feel tight or stripped. Also, in my opinion, this is the freshest smelling stuff ever! So good!

Skin Dimensions® Hydrating Night Cream - $84
OK, this may be subjective but just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t have a super nourishing face cream! This is my “over 30 I need to start doing something” cream. I use it during the daytime because it soaks right in. It has a bunch of yummy ingredients that I don’t want to miss out on just because the sun is out!

Supergoop!® PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist with Vitamin C SPF 50 - $21
Supergoop! is such a great line as a whole with their focus on clean ingredients…their mist is a no-brainer! It’s easy to apply, non-aerosol, it smells nice and it’s not sticky! I can even get my husband to use it before mowing. Done!

Supergoop!® GlowScreen SPF 40 - $36
This is a new one – and if you’re addicted to social media like I am you’ve probably already seen it a few times. I don’t wear much makeup on the weekend (or apparently during a stay at home order) and although it’s a “primer” I found that this by itself is so nice. It’s a little blurring, plus glowy, with SPF and it feels good.

Norvell® Venetian Self Tanning Mousse + Mitt - $30 + $10.50
I could use a little help in the tan department. I’ve learned to embrace my fair skin even though sometimes I feel I could blind people in direct sunlight. I have tried my fair share of self tanner fails over the years – and what looks good on darker skin tones can look crazy wrong on fair skin. Norvell does not! This mousse comes out a violet/brown color and successfully makes me 2 shades bronzier. I use the mitt every time. I watched a YouTube video by Whitney Simmons on how to apply a perfect self-tanner. I follow her instruction exactly because it works!

BareMinerals® Mineralist Lipstick - $20
These are so pretty (I’m a sucker for good packaging). They’re vegan, clean and hydrating. The colors are spot on! I use on my cheeks because I LOVE dewy cheeks in the summer. ‘Memory’ is a great rosy shade that’s not too girly. If you’re feeling bold ‘Optimism’ is this perfect Red/Pink mix that sheers out to such a pretty flush and leaves a bit of a stain behind.


Nudestix® Matte Nudies in Sunkissed: This is that amazing color in-between a tan and a burn – because a fake burn is the best burn!

Fresh® Sugar Blood Orange Hydrating Lip Balm: This is the best summery scent in history, it’s sitting next to me right now.

HaruHaru™ Wonder Black Rice Facial Oil: I have a secret love for Korean skincare, and I’ve also tried about a dozen facial oils. This one is the BEST summer oils! Also this oil is best for people who don’t think they like facial oil. 

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