Taken Girl's Guide To Valentines Day!

Taken Girl's Guide To Valentines Day!

Published by Skin Dimensions Online on 5th Feb 2016

We all know the feeling. Your loved one tried so hard to pick out the perfect gift. You appreciate all the effort, and yet, the box is still hiding in the back of your closet three years later.

We’ve got two big tips for this dilemma. If you don’t feel comfortable being open and honest about what you want, there are two alternatives: 1) Drop hints or 2) Ask for an experience rather than an item.

How to Drop Hints

If you’re lucky enough to have a beau who really listens, you may need to be careful when dropping hints. You might casually mention you like someone’s necklace to be polite and then find yourself unwrapping the same necklace for V-day. Be intentional.

One way to do this is to make a wish list on Pinterest. If you’ve been together for years and are more open about gift-giving, it will be easy to tell him you’ve created a wish list. This way, he can still surprise you by picking from dozens of things you’d love to receive! The great thing about a Pinterest wish list is that it will be valid all year long, making your birthday and Christmas just as good as Valentine’s Day.

Another way to drop hints requires getting a little cheeky. Leave hints around the house via magazine cutouts and notes. Stick a note on an empty necklace box that says, “Feed me,” or leave post-it note bookmarks on pages of a catalogue (leave the catalogue in plain sight). If this feels too awkward for you, opt for our next tip:

Ask for an Experience

If you love spending time with someone, you’ll never be disappointed in a thoughtful couples activity. This will definitely feel better than feigning joy over a mediocre gift, and then feeling guilty that so much money was spent on something that will find a home in the back of your makeup drawer.

Experiences are easier to ask for, too, because it will make your beau feel special that you want to spend time together. Maybe it’s a romantic dinner out, or perhaps you’d rather have your man cook and stay in. How about a couple’s massage from our spa packages? When was the last time you truly relaxed together?

With this approach to getting what you want, you get to be super honest. You’ll get to spend a day doing exactly what you want with your loved one, and your significant other won’t have to fret about what to get you. Everyone wins.