‘Tis the Season…to Keep a Well Stocked Purse

Published by Skin Dimensions Online on 11th Dec 2015

The holidays are a joyful time when our calendars pretend they don’t know the meaning of the word “booked.” The parties, cookie exchanges, school concerts, and family gatherings are endless, yes, but also full of possibility and love. We’ve put together a list of essentials that will help you look and feel your best as you socialize your way through the holidays.

1. Skin Dimensions Protective Hand Cream

Three ounces of velvety, water resistant love for your skin that fits right in your purse. This lotion’s luxurious creamy texture is ideal for comforting the dry skin that comes with winter. It’s also great for all the cooking and hand-washing that accompanies this time of year. By creating a barrier from the elements, this cream provides ample protection as well as moisture.

2. Simply Beautiful Liquid lipstick

Hydrating with a shiny finish, this lipstick is everything you could ask for rolled into one. Its silky texture is derived from the lacquer of Japanese Sumac trees, and its healing properties are from natural Myrrh resin. This lipstick’s ability to maintain supple, soft lips is as magical as how it’s made.

3. Wine Wipes

Ever been victim to wine-stained teeth after sipping a glass or two of merlot? If not, we envy you. Wine wipes come in a perfectly purse-sized container and are made with stain removal and teeth protection technology. The best part? They clean your teeth while neutralizing your palate, without interfering with the taste of the wine. Just give your teeth a little scrub while visiting the lady’s room and voila! Ready for another glass.

4. Emergen-C

There’s nothing worse than feeling lousy during holiday celebrations. Each of these powerful little packets contains enough antioxidants and electrolytes to knock anything trying to get you down right out of your system. Pour one Emergen-C packet into a glass of water a day to stay bright, cheery and on top of your game.